Me in repose.

Don has been a writer and performer for the past 10 years. Unfortunately, it’s been in Philly. He has written sketches and scripts for The Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theater (Philly’s version of the Tony Awards…or TV Guide Awards), 1812 Productions, The Wilma Theater, The Azuka Theater Collective and The World Affairs Council. They were all very good. Very funny. He recently filled in for his buddy Tony Braithwaite for three performances of 1812 Productions’ THIS IS THE WEEK THAT IS 2: MORE POLITICAL HUMOR FOR THE HOLIDAYS.
Don is also a member of ComedySportz Philadelphia and the sketch group BAD HAIR. He occasionally does stand-up. DIE ACTOR DIE is his version of the alternative and experimental comedy shows in New York and LA, like Invite Them Up and Comedy Death Ray. Don loves those shows, but as was typed above, he lives in Philly where no such show existed. So he started his own.

He is also a contributor to

Don is married and has a baby girl. Awwwwww.

Not enough info on this guy Don? Here’s some more:

Don Interviewed By Comic Vs. Audience

My BEST WEEK EVER Audition Tape

Don Interviewed By Play Philly Magazine


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