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The Columbia Journalism Review spoke with the author of the (in)famous piece, John Quinlan.

Money shot:

CJR: You weren’t even supposed to write that story, correct?

JQ: This was supposed to be a big Sunday business front-page feature. They’d been wanting an Olive Garden for years. They’ve done surveys over the years—what restaurants would you like to see in Sioux City? For twenty years, the Olive Garden was at the top of the list. I didn’t have a beat. I was on the copy desk for fifteen years and was just getting back into writing. I had been doing some faith-based and medical stories. The business editor had some kind of problem that day, so I filled in and did the story. It was a boring story, but people were expecting something kind of big, because to them it was a big event. I wanted to have a little fun with the story.


Seriously, they are stoked!

Money shot:

“I’m excited,” he said, noting the reaction of people in public when they find out who he is. “I think it’s going to be a good marriage — us and Sioux City. This is my seventh Olive Garden, and this is the one I’m most excited about.”

One reason for his excitement is the ample parking available, more than at any other Olive Garden where he has worked, he said. It includes shared parking with adjacent businesses. The restaurant is just east of Gunderson’s Jewelers.

Holy fuck! Gunderson’s Jewelers?! Gunderson’s Jewelers?!

If they copy and pasted this onto the Front Page of The Onion it would fit beautifully.


Photo by Flickr user Naystin