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With a Time Knife!

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Here’s the deets right from his personal email to me (and everyone on his mailing list):

Hello, friends. Here is a dry, but accurate (and at times intriguing) update:

1) The ironic, sincere and ridiculous is happening: The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival from 9/25 – 9/28 in Brooklyn. Details below.

2) My book The Will To Whatevs will be out February 10, 2009 from Harper Collins Perennial.

3) I am currently shooting small, recurring roles on two TV shows, HBO’s Flight of the Conchords and Adult Swim’s new live action series Delocated starring Jon Glaser. Both will be airing in the first months of the new year.

4) I am recording a new album in Chicago November 7th and 8th at the Lakeshore Theater. With special guests Kumail Nanjiani and Larry Murphy.

What began half a year ago as a joke is now happening and in a week in Park Slope, Brooklyn I will be presenting (with the help of many friends) the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. Sub Pop Records and The Onion are sponsoring the festival. Here are the details for the shows, if you would like to come:
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Larry Murphy is a comedian; part of what I call the Boston Invasion (early: David Cross, Jon Benjamin; later: Eugene Mirman, Brendon Smalls, Mike Birbiglia, Jen Kirkman etc.). I saw him at The Khyber here in Philly last year when he opened for Eugene Mirman and Leo Allen and he was great. I love discovering a new comedian.Anywho, he is also a voice over actor, and a damn fine one at that. Here is his V.O. reel that is not only a good example of his skills, but an entertaining collage of nonsensical jokes and characters.Enjoy!UPDATE: The Apiary has an EXTENSIVE article on Mr. Murphy. How serendipitous!