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Fringe Reviews for Shows I’d Like to See in the Fringe

Money Shot:

From Switzerland comes Switzer-kind, a group of Swiss Art School students with the most amazing show ever! “Gimmik” is just that, a gimmick. In fact it’s a new gimmick every performance. When I attended, the gimmick was the performers watched the audience, the night before they interviewed a car, I heard they once did the whole show naked! You never know what you’re going to get but you can be sure it’ll always be “Gimmik!”


Live-Blogging the Democratic National Convention While Baking Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies

Money shot:

8:05 Tonight is all about Hillary Clinton and making sure my eggs are room temperature before I try to whip them!

Don’s Interactive Map of Philadelphia

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As I get older and we grow closer, I feel it is important to pass on my history and knowledge of Philadelphia to you, my blog reading children (or “blogren”). I first considered an exhaustive 10-volume series meticulously researched, expertly illustrated and cleverly written by me over the next 30 years. What better token of affection and respect can one man give to his audience, nay, the world?

But then I thought: “Hey, Google Maps!”

14 Passive-Aggressive Appetizers.

Money shot:

9. Tempura makes great finger food, and the batter locks the flavor of just about anything in a savory, opaque crust. Impress your friends with creative choices, from squash blossoms to mislaid car keys to the two-carat engagement ring that Cheryl gave back to you after she “reassessed things.” Surprise!

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Exclusive! I Am Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential Candidate

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The question that keeps running through my head is: “why me?” Why am I, a balding 37-year-old father and husband with no political background, a degree in Theatre Arts, and an addiction to Project Runway the Democratic nominee for Vice-President?

I don’t know.