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And we’re all out of papaya.

So last night was the finale for LOST. I had lost faith in LOST this season and after last night’s episode I figured out why.

The LOST-ies were a bunch of losers.

They were constantly being outsmarted by the Others: beaten, shot, caged, kissed, etc. And their personal lives weren’t much better — there’s nothing more humiliating than having your Father throw you out of an 8 story window. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like watch my friends getting the shit kicked out of them every week (unless my friends are soccer balls, then to not kick them would be denying them their purpose).

Well last night changed all that. Jack and the others (the other castaways, not the Others) kicked some serious ass and took no names…because they didn’t give a shit! Jack beating the crap out of Ben, Sawyer killing Tom; Sayid, Bernard and Jin blowing up the Other’s kidnapping party, Desmond “killing” Mikhail, Hurley running over the bald Other (literally), Locke killing that chick who parachuted down from the sky, Charlie killing himself; it was an awesomely wonderful fulfilling bloodbath. (Yes that’s a run-on sentence and I don’t care. I’m too jazzed.)

I am not going to recap the whole episode, ’cause I have a life, but I am very happy that LOST finally got its balls back.


Michelle Collins at BWE has it right, what what?

NBC gets it!

NBC has their own YouTube Page.

Finally some multi-national entertainment corporation gets it! Posting short videos of TV shows may be copyright infringement by law but it is also great marketing.

YouTube is free low-rez advertising.

It’s the whole “give them just enough to leave them hungry” philosophy. Instead of getting all uppity like Viacom (who will do anything to get media attention right now), NBC has decided to embrace the revolution.

Good for them.

Now, NBC and FOX are launching their own video distribution service this summer, which may or my not take off. My money is that it will be a modest success at best. YouTube is too much in zeitgeist, like its parent company Google (How often do you hear someone say “Hey go Yahoo! that guy for me.” or “Can you that Seinfeld episode?”).

Still by having a strong presence on YouTube, NBC is playing it right.

NBC on YouTube.