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Nerds looooove mash-ups:

Now you can frag Homer for the last 3 season of sucky Simpons episodes.

Thanks Sean at Gamervision.


Pretty good and thorough interview by the AV Club. They are promoting the DVD release of last season’s 3 episode saga “Imaginationland,” which was pretty awesome.

FYI – SOUTH PARK has been on the air for 11 YEARS!!!!! And I would dare say more consistent in terms of quality than The Simspons.



Kinda cool. Kinda weird.

Kinda like the anime Futurama pic.  

By SpaceCoyote. 

I am glad someone else has time for this because I sure as shit don’t.

However, if I may nerd out, it’s not 100% correct. For example, the third image down shows Marge with a serrated knife and it’s alongside the scene from The Shining where Wendy (Shelly Duvall) grabs a knife to protect herself from Jack, her insanse husband (Jack Nicholson).

Pushes glasses up on nose.

The Simpsons’ scene is from Treehouse of Horror 1 “Bad Dream House.” Marge is using that knife to make a sandwich, not defend herself. You can’t just pick an arbitrary scene of a character holding a knife and say it references a movie. Sheesh!

Still, it’s pretty great. It also shows just how cinematically literate the Simpsons’ writers and animators were.

66 Simpsons’ Scenes Alongside the Movies they Reference.

UPDATE: Apparently these images originated on a Spanish site. You can view these and MANY more Simspon Movie References here.

Well done!