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See Don speak in run-on sentences about tonight’s DIRTIEST SKETCH IN PHILADELPHIA, and other sundry topics.

Thanks to Dave at Comic Vs. Audience for the interview and getting drunk on beers and vegan Mexican food with me.



Money shot:

One undisputed fact is that, come August, the demand for a good laugh remains undiminished. Comedy on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has enjoyed the largest growth of any genre within the Festival over the past ten years.

Just another example of comedy’s continued resurgence.

Photo by Jungleboy


Featuring Me as Glenn!!!!

(oh, and David Dritsas as Hipster)

From Bedtime Stories presents: Cocaine Sex Jamz, A Tribute to Hipsters. You can get a recap here. P.S. It was a great and funny show!!!

Here’s a snippet:

Glenn: Say there Mr. Hipster, I heard you work as a bartender.

Hipster: That’s right Mr. Glenn.

Glenn: But I also hear you work as a graphic designer.

Hipster: That’s right Mr. Glenn.

Glenn: Annnnnd I hear you work in a coffeeshop.

Hipster: That’s right Mr. Glenn.

Glenn: So you’ve worked as a bartender, a graphic designer and in a coffeeshop. Is there anything you haven’t done?

Hipster: Yes! Taken a shower.

Both: Zzzoooooweee!!!!

Photo by Dave W.

And the Comic’s Comic was there.

Wish I was 😦

It’s shows like these that really excite me as to the potential of live comedy. It is so not just about stand-up or sketch or even improv, it’s about being entertaining and clever. So I might disagree with Rob when he said we are not in a Golden Age of Comedy, because we are finding and utilizing new tools and methods to make people laugh.

Hey you!

Yeah you! Funny guy.

Think you wanna make a webseries that’ll be seen by, and make you, millions?

Read this first.

Money shot:

So far, there’s one general rule of thumb: Shorter is better — but it’s got to be good, or viewers will quickly bail.