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Ok, maybe not that bad…


On the most recent episode of The Best Show, Tom welcomed Human Giant’s (as opposed to Human Giants) Paul Scheer and Jason Woliner to talk about their experience at Comic Con. It’s a great segment with lots of stories about the convention, celebrity sightings and the guys renting a house and getting robbed. Paul recaps the robbery experience on his blog.

Anywho, the guys were talking about celebs signing autographs at the convention when Paul mentioned that Erin Gray was there. This struck him as odd, because why is the girlfriend of the Dad from Silver Spoons at Comic Con signing autographs?

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Remember Alf? Well, he’s back…in Outtakes Form!

Paul Scheer’s Notes on ALF. Sad really, both the notes and that he had to do research on this show called “ALF.”

And to get even sadder, here’s what happened to Max Wright, aka “Willie.”

Via The Apiary.

Further proof that the majority of the movie-going public has no sense of humor or taste:

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So sayeth The New York Times:

And this is, come to think of it, something of an achievement. What is the opposite of a belly laugh? An interesting question, in a way, and to hear lines like “I think I just made a happy wee-wee” or “I’m making diarrhea noises in my cup” or to watch apprentice gurus attack one another with urine-soaked mops is to grasp the answer. Please don’t misunderstand: I’m not opposed to infantile, regressive, scatological humor. Indeed, I consider myself something of a connoisseur. Or maybe a glutton. So it’s not that I object to the idea of, say, witnessing elephants copulate on the ice in the middle of a Stanley Cup hockey match, or seeing a dwarf sent flying over the same ice by the shock of defibrillator paddles. But it will never be enough simply to do such things. They must be done well.

The AV Club:

In spite of their surface differences, the Austin Powers sequels and Guru share a common comic approach. Pop-culture riffing, winking double entendres, scatological humor, and silly names aren’t just the foremost weapons in Myers’ comic arsenal, they’re all he’s got.

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