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The Devil’s Advocate is my ultimate Guilty Pleasure movie. It seems Scott Tobias of The AV Club agrees with me. Nice!

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If you’re a comedy nerd like me, then you haven’t had sex yet. Hiyooooooh!

Seriously, you know that the club formerly/still known as Largo, was/is a crucible for great music and the alt West Coast comedy.

Well they made a documentary to capture all the coolness called LARGO which I briefly previwed a few months ago. (One of the filmmakers even contacted me to Thank me for posting about it. Class act.)

It just premiered at the LA Film Festival and Cinematical has a pretty nice review. I look forward to checking it out.

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So sayeth The New York Times:

And this is, come to think of it, something of an achievement. What is the opposite of a belly laugh? An interesting question, in a way, and to hear lines like “I think I just made a happy wee-wee” or “I’m making diarrhea noises in my cup” or to watch apprentice gurus attack one another with urine-soaked mops is to grasp the answer. Please don’t misunderstand: I’m not opposed to infantile, regressive, scatological humor. Indeed, I consider myself something of a connoisseur. Or maybe a glutton. So it’s not that I object to the idea of, say, witnessing elephants copulate on the ice in the middle of a Stanley Cup hockey match, or seeing a dwarf sent flying over the same ice by the shock of defibrillator paddles. But it will never be enough simply to do such things. They must be done well.

The AV Club:

In spite of their surface differences, the Austin Powers sequels and Guru share a common comic approach. Pop-culture riffing, winking double entendres, scatological humor, and silly names aren’t just the foremost weapons in Myers’ comic arsenal, they’re all he’s got.

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How’s that for a twist?

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Not so much a review as a life altering read.

(There’s even a video!)

I still believe the original “Motivational Speaker” sketch written by The Bob (Odenkirk) and available on the Second City CD is one of the funniest sketches ever.

Via The Apiary.

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