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Jesse Thorn gives his dollars worth of two cents on the cancellation of Fair Game and The Bryant Park Project, both freshman NPR shows aimed at da yoots of America and subsequently canceled. It’s a good read.

Money shot:

* There was no reason to target young people in the first place. This may sound odd coming from a guy who has a show called “The Sound of Young America,” but remember: my show’s title is a joke :). Getting younger listeners isn’t about creating shows for younger listeners any more than getting African-American listeners is about creating shows for African-American listeners. It’s about creating great shows that have diverse perspectives and are inclusive.

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Dis, excuse me, this is Where The Funny Is.

A new comedy podcast out of Seattle’s KEXP. It’s a mix of bits and songs, some commentary, maybe some recipes and wardrobe advice. I haven’t listened yet, but that won’t stop me from posting it here. If you want a list of some other fun podcasts, check this out.

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Now middle-aged tourists can see their beloved ROCK AND ROLL memories chewed up and spit out as amusement park rides while sipping a $20 coke as Angus Young’s left shoe from AC-DC’s “Back In Black” Tour stares down at them condescendingly from a glass case.

Yes, it’s a real place.

PS The photo is a model for the Led Zepplin-themed “Whole Lotta Love” roller coaster. Long live rock!

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How much you want to bet The Bob liked it?

Money shot:

He was unlike anyone else I have met. I can’t really put it into words, but in a big way Howard has done so with this book. Because he just told the story. This great, crazy story. I wonder if you will agree after you read it. Read it. Buy it first, then read it. It’s as close as you’ll come to meeting Del.

I can personally recommend anther recent Del Close biography told from the point-of-view of his student cum babysitter cum friend,  Jeff Griggs, called “Guru.”

And just for shits and giggles, here’s Jesse Thorn’s interview with Griggs about the book and Ian Roberts talking about UCB’s annual Del Close Marathon: Listen.

Give a little cash to WFMU, get a little Patton Oswalt.

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BTW – Patton is on the show tonight along with Ted Leo and Ben Gibbard. I wish I could pretend I knew who Ben Gibbard was…