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“Hello Minneapolis/St Paul!!!”

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Goddamn that’s funny!

Today is the last day! Get over there now!

Or at least they did, way back in the 90s when SEGA was King (well maybe Queen). I spent many an hour playing SEGA CD including Night Trap (starring Dana Plato) and Double Switch (starring Corey Haim).

Anywho, this charming ad was used to sell SEGA to filthy minded Brits in an adults only comic book called Viz.

Here’s the rest of the story and more ads!

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This past April, my beautiful wife, Kathleen took me to Paris as part two of our Honeymoon. (Part one of our Honeymoon was cut short by her being in Nursing School and my arraignment. Just kidding! I had already been charged.)

Needless to say, Paris was incroyable! I had the best meal of my life, rode the Metro while listening to Berlin’s “The Metro”, ate a chocolate croissant for breakfast, gawked at worshiping Catholics while touring Notre Dame, yelled at a Gypsy trying to pick my pocket and visited The Louvre where I saw a group of people from all over the world taking pictures of the Mona Lisa, while never actually looking at it.

Speaking of art, Orangina is HUGE in Paris. It’s everywhere, people bathe in it, smoke it and some even drink it. We happened to be there in the middle of Orangina’s newest campaign. I like to call it the ORANGINA – IT’S LIKE SEX WITH AN ANIMAL AND/OR VEGETATION campaign.

It may seem a bit anachronistic and scatological and gross to say drinking a carbonated fruit beverage is like committing bestiality (or horticulturality), but hey I am only working with what the ad agency of Dr. Moreau and Mnsr. Creepy has given me:

The Seven Year Itch (Because I Had Sex With a Flower)

The Seven Year Itch (Because I Had Sex With a Flower)

I became fascinated with these ads and searched out as many as I could find.

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