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Whole New Show Friday Night!!!


You know him. He’s “that guy.”

“That Guy” is created by Philly comedian and DIE ACTOR DIE friend Kent Haines and his buddy Matt Vascellaro for, a new online programming venture from Sony.

It’s a promising start!

Secret Pants did it again! Extra special thanks to Dave over at Comic Vs. Audience for the video and support. (NSFW)

More video, photos and a recap to come (FYI – it was a filthy, filthy show and everyone did an awesome job)!

Thanks again Dave!


This really doesn’t seem post worthy, but here I am posting it.

Via The Comedy Feed


Featuring Me as Glenn!!!!

(oh, and David Dritsas as Hipster)

From Bedtime Stories presents: Cocaine Sex Jamz, A Tribute to Hipsters. You can get a recap here. P.S. It was a great and funny show!!!

Here’s a snippet:

Glenn: Say there Mr. Hipster, I heard you work as a bartender.

Hipster: That’s right Mr. Glenn.

Glenn: But I also hear you work as a graphic designer.

Hipster: That’s right Mr. Glenn.

Glenn: Annnnnd I hear you work in a coffeeshop.

Hipster: That’s right Mr. Glenn.

Glenn: So you’ve worked as a bartender, a graphic designer and in a coffeeshop. Is there anything you haven’t done?

Hipster: Yes! Taken a shower.

Both: Zzzoooooweee!!!!

Photo by Dave W.