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Whole New Show Friday Night!!!

Fringe Reviews for Shows I’d Like to See in the Fringe

Money Shot:

From Switzerland comes Switzer-kind, a group of Swiss Art School students with the most amazing show ever! “Gimmik” is just that, a gimmick. In fact it’s a new gimmick every performance. When I attended, the gimmick was the performers watched the audience, the night before they interviewed a car, I heard they once did the whole show naked! You never know what you’re going to get but you can be sure it’ll always be “Gimmik!”

Don’s Interactive Map of Philadelphia

Money shot:

As I get older and we grow closer, I feel it is important to pass on my history and knowledge of Philadelphia to you, my blog reading children (or “blogren”). I first considered an exhaustive 10-volume series meticulously researched, expertly illustrated and cleverly written by me over the next 30 years. What better token of affection and respect can one man give to his audience, nay, the world?

But then I thought: “Hey, Google Maps!”

The Mysteries of South Philadelphia

Money Shot:

Mystery #2: The House Where It is Always a Holiday.
In the middle of the 300 block of Federal Street sits an ordinary house that does not follow the temporal rules of our universe. It is here that holidays are celebrated non-stop. This is evidenced by the complex decorations that consistently adorn the house’s façade; Valentine’s Day gives immediate way to St. Patrick’s Day, which immediately turns to Easter which immediately gives way to First Holy Communion Day which turns immediately to Venezuelan Earth Day. Every day is a celebration making this the happiest and ribbonest house in South Philadelphia.