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I feel for you, Pat.

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The Joke That Killed My Night


Very funny video from Rowan & Hastings. They performed this at the last DIE ACTOR DIE and brought the house down!! While the video is great, you have to see them live to fully appreciate what they do.If you are in NY, you can! There are going to be at Julep (9 Ave. A, New York) Uncle Mike’s in Soho (57 Murray Street) this Saturday April, 5. Cost:$10 ??. Then on April 18th, they’ll be back in Philly for “Welcome to the Terrordome” (check out their awesomely intentional Web 1.0 site) a night of sketch comedy at The M Room (15 W. Girard Ave.). Cost: $10.


Josh Spector over at Whip It Out Comedy has the key, but it’s not what you think:

The secret to standup comedy success is NOT doing standup.

Wha??? Read his article to find out what the F— he  is talking about.

Josh, admittedly, is NOT a standup comedian, but if you step back, his points make a lot of sense and have some validity. The only issue I have is that you are moving from a saturated pool (comedy clubs) to an oh-my-god-help-me-it-is-so-oversaturated pool (the internet).

Breaking a video online can be tough and intimidating and not very rewarding. Face it, when you upload your breakthrough video, there are about 10,000 other breakthrough videos being uploaded at the same time. But let’s say you do break, like I did last year. My video, “The Tuberator” was a MySpace Featured Video and I had over 150,000 hits in one day (with about 1,000 on YouTube).

My next video, just cracked 48 hits.

Josh’s alternatives which include acting, writing, making dumb pop culture jokes on shows like “Best Week Ever“, podcasting, posting videos (not standup videos) online, or embracing new technology…are great suggestions, but can be just as hard to get into and not as immediately rewarding as performing before a live audience. The laughs in ana intimate club or venue can inspire you to keep working your material, while the vastness of the internet and Hollywood can leave you feeling cold and alone.

Still his overall point is valid: comedians need to start thinking of new ways to be comedians, because the old ways just aren’t gonna cut it in the 21st century.

At least videowise:

I have always had an issue with Top Comedians on MySpace and YouTube and Best of lists like the incredibly bogus MyFox Philly Hot List because they are based on unsupervised audience input (see above video). So basically you can get all of your friends to vote and you too can be named Best Funniest Person Ever. Example: The Best Comedy Club in Philly…is a SKETCH GROUP! That’s just dumb! And lazy.

If they are going to put out a list of Best of it should be based on…something — like CONTENT!! I’ve gone to stores or restaurants that were the BEST OF PHILLY and the only thing they were best at were killing me softly with their crapitude. I am looking at you Sniffles and Friends Professional Pet Sitting Service.

I say Shame on YOU Best of Lists! May you make the Best of Best of Lists That Will Get Cancer.

Thanks to Dave at Comic Vs Audience for the video.

From MySpaceBooks:

The Children of Húrin by J.R.R. Tolkein
A new book by an iconic author who’s been dead for thirty-four years, The Children of Húrin is an old-fashioned, completely unironic tale of the great deeds of men.

“Who’s been dead for thirty-four years.” 

Is the great author and mythologist of “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” entering Tupac and L. Ron Hubbard territory by posthumously churning out material for his rabid fans? Is he somehow communicating to us from beyond the grave? Has an undiscovered masterwork been found? Or has some ambitious publisher found a few scribbled notes on yellowed parchment paper and is trying to stretch it out into a full-length novel in the hopes of eventually selling it to a production company where it will never become a movie.

I’m leaning towards the latter.  What can I say? I’m a pessimist at 8:45 in the morning.