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BWE Blogger-kind Dan Hopper jumps right in to HBO’s “John Adams” and begins to deconstruct the mysteries within.

Money shot:

Speaking of the “Declaration of Independence,” recall when Jefferson and Franklin came up with the line “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” which appears to be a deliberate reference to the book “To Be Self-Evident“, by R.L. Hogan, which chronicles the history of humanity beginning with the origin of agriculture (John Adams was farming with his son — HINT). I haven’t read this book cover-to-cover, but the Entertainment Weekly Recap claims that the cover of this book was also the same logo on Abigail Adams’ envelopes to John.

Damn I wish I thought of this first!


OK, this LOST recap from Best Week Ever is a week old, but there is one paragraph that made me laugh nice and deep, so I wanted to include it here and give full props to author Dan Hopper:

Hurley Is Cindy Brady CindyPoor Hurley — he got shafted a few times in the earlier seasons, but what little dignity he reclaimed with his fearless van stunt in the Season 3 finale was pretty much wiped away last night when Kate easily tricked him into revealing Miles’ location, and Sawyer telling Locke that if Hurley knows anything, everyone knows. I love me some Hurley, but the last thing anyone on Island of Withholding Crucial Information needs is a lispy blonde girl really specifically telling secrets and then saying “oops” and then a 70s-sounding “wah-wowww” playing as she shrugs. I have no doubt Hurley will redeem himself before the season ends; maybe he’ll run over Locke in the van when he realizes he’s been led astray?

There’s some pretty good insights in the article as well, most of which I had, ahem, already reached… except his theory on who Ben’s man on the boat is. Duh, Don!

We’re here to kick ass and eat papaya. And we’re all out of papaya.

LOST returns for a 4th season tonight.

I am totally opening myself up to another season of bizarre characters, frustration and semi-answered questions. I have enough of that with the Presidential Debates. Hiyoooo!

If it can maintain the tone (can’t) and energy (won’t) of the season 3 finale, I will be a very happy lad (little girl). We’ll see…
New to LOST or like laughing about LOST knowingly? Read Lost for Dummies. 


And we’re all out of papaya.

So last night was the finale for LOST. I had lost faith in LOST this season and after last night’s episode I figured out why.

The LOST-ies were a bunch of losers.

They were constantly being outsmarted by the Others: beaten, shot, caged, kissed, etc. And their personal lives weren’t much better — there’s nothing more humiliating than having your Father throw you out of an 8 story window. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like watch my friends getting the shit kicked out of them every week (unless my friends are soccer balls, then to not kick them would be denying them their purpose).

Well last night changed all that. Jack and the others (the other castaways, not the Others) kicked some serious ass and took no names…because they didn’t give a shit! Jack beating the crap out of Ben, Sawyer killing Tom; Sayid, Bernard and Jin blowing up the Other’s kidnapping party, Desmond “killing” Mikhail, Hurley running over the bald Other (literally), Locke killing that chick who parachuted down from the sky, Charlie killing himself; it was an awesomely wonderful fulfilling bloodbath. (Yes that’s a run-on sentence and I don’t care. I’m too jazzed.)

I am not going to recap the whole episode, ’cause I have a life, but I am very happy that LOST finally got its balls back.