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Good question. Answer(s) forthcoming.

In the meantime, I’ve been Tumblr-ing and Twitter-ing.

I kind of dig it.

More to come…


GODDAMIT! This looked like a fun show with limitless possibilities. I am bummed it didn’t make it past the pilot.



Money shot:

Though he has been a big shot in stand-up circles for more than a decade, he is not a household name to general audiences, despite appearing on the HBO cult favorite “Mr. Show With Bob and David” in the 1990s and, more recently, on “The Sarah Silverman Program” on Comedy Central, which also showed several of his stand-up specials. “I’m known as the guy who wears the suits, because the guy named Paul with the gap in his teeth was not specific enough,” he said, referring to his fellow commentator, the less-nattily-dressed comedian Paul Scheer. Off screen, Mr. Tompkins’s humor is also more conceptual. Asked what his middle initial stands for, he said, “Fascism. It’s a family name.” (It’s actually Francis.)

Hopefully this means Paul will come down to Philly more often.

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I don’t know, there is something about this that I like. It’s very TIM & ERIC with a lot of “F*cks!” thrown in. Patton Oswalt is a fan, so much so that he is hosting a screening of Cars (1:20RT), Cars II (1:09RT) and Cars III (349:00RT) in LA.

From this weekend’s New Yorker Fesival.

Money shot:

How he met Jon Stewart: Actually, he was hired but had yet to meet Jon, who had just been hired as host. There was a press conference with the head of Comedy Central to announce it, and Colbert, newly-minted correspondent, said, “Shouldn’t we be covering this?” So off he went, and asked a question, announcing himself as “Stephen Colbert, Daily Show” and asked something like, “It was my understanding that I was in the running to host the Daily Show, how does your appointment affect my chances?” Jon looked over at the head of Comedy Central and said, “I thought you said he wasn’t funny.” Pretty auspicious beginning, I’d say.

Photo by Flickr user Brian Hogg