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Just in time for X-Mas!

Via Nerd World


BWE (backed by CC Insider) tells Page Six why Stephen Colbert’s Christmas card is indeed funny and satirical.

 Dave Hill takes on Little Michael Jackson.

Artie Lange has problems. Waaaaahhhhh!!!! (A side note: I LOVE Artie on the Stern Show and really miss him when he’s not there, but to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of his stand-up.)

Find the number of ironies in this article.

Ricky Gervais keeps blurring the line between real life and reality life.

And because it’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year:

Dancing Christmas Lights!!!! Yes this is about two years old, but it’s become a Christmas classic like Rudolph and the Grinch and Depression. Enjoy!

BrooklynVegan is primarily a music review site (I don’t know dick about music trends – I justs knows whats Is likes) , so I don’t visit often. However, it is always good for an occasional comedy sighting/story.

Anywho, Klaus was able to wrangle some New Yorker Comedy-types to write their “Best of 2007 Lists” and it’s a pretty cool list of people including Mr. David Cross. If you scroll to the bottom of his post you’ll see entries by Jon Benjamin, Paul Scheer, Kristin Schaal, Dave Hill, Fred Armisen and Rob Huebel. All good stuff.

Thanks The Apiary.

Now this is satire!

I wish I could embed this.

About a week ago I was comblogging (complaining through blogging) about a bit I had written for the 1812 show about the troops that went over poorly because “people don’t like satire about the troops, blah, blah, blah.”

Anywho, the Onion News Network did this awesome piece of satire about the troops that is excellent and biting and smart. The thing is, I bet the 1812 audience would have frowned on this too. It’s just not their bag.