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I don’t know, there is something about this that I like. It’s very TIM & ERIC with a lot of “F*cks!” thrown in. Patton Oswalt is a fan, so much so that he is hosting a screening of Cars (1:20RT), Cars II (1:09RT) and Cars III (349:00RT) in LA.


A few weeks ago, I posted my experiences with Orangina’s French marketing campaign, which uses wildlife as “sexy things.” Well, they didn’t stop with print ads:

Yes, the panda has fake boobies.

Remember Alf? Well, he’s back…in Outtakes Form!

Paul Scheer’s Notes on ALF. Sad really, both the notes and that he had to do research on this show called “ALF.”

And to get even sadder, here’s what happened to Max Wright, aka “Willie.”

Via The Apiary.

Ugly, ugly shirt. But for a really good cause!

Secret Pants did it again! Extra special thanks to Dave over at Comic Vs. Audience for the video and support. (NSFW)

More video, photos and a recap to come (FYI – it was a filthy, filthy show and everyone did an awesome job)!

Thanks again Dave!