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Hey we’re back!

Meg & Rob are something of a phenomenon here in Philly. They came on the scene last year, somehwat sneaking into it via the Fringe. I met Meg at DIE ACTOR DIE and after seeing their Dinner w/ Mischa Barton video, asked them to come out and do a set. They have been on a tear ever since playing big gigs, small gigs, any gigs, hitting festivals and working their shit; just what a sketch group that wants to be successful should be doing. It’s pretty cool to see.

They have a certain something that works really well and audiences love them! (Maybe I can convicne Dave overat at Comic Vs. Audience to put up their entry from Dirtiest Sketch. It was a real crowd pleaser!)

Here is a video from their recent appearance at BEDTIME STORIES. It’s a nice example of their twisted and smarty smart outlook. Who would do a sketch featuring Robert McNamara talking about love? Meg and Rob, that’s who.

Via CvsA

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Secret Pants did it again! Extra special thanks to Dave over at Comic Vs. Audience for the video and support. (NSFW)

More video, photos and a recap to come (FYI – it was a filthy, filthy show and everyone did an awesome job)!

Thanks again Dave!

See Don speak in run-on sentences about tonight’s DIRTIEST SKETCH IN PHILADELPHIA, and other sundry topics.

Thanks to Dave at Comic Vs. Audience for the interview and getting drunk on beers and vegan Mexican food with me.

DIE ACTOR DIE is taking a short hiatus so that my wife and I may finally finish our honeymoon in Paris! Yay! 

See you all next Wednesday.

Le sange et sur la branche!

Kent Haines doing an awesome job at DIE ACTOR DIE in January. Thanks to Dave over at Comic vs. Audience for taping and posting.

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