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Yesterday I made a snarky post about SNL posthumously “realizing” that George Carlin was indeed a great comedian and rebroadcasting his first and only appearance as Host.

Thing is, it wasn’t his only appearance, he appeared again in 1984 w/ Frankie Goes to Hollywood as musical guest. (Thanks to Todd at Dead-Frog for setting me straight.)

But then I began to wonder why Carlin only hosted twice. A man of his talent and stature could have hosted numerous times, after all, he was the host of the very first episode!

So why didn’t he?

I had read in LIVE FROM NEW YORK that Lorne wasn’t “high on” Carlin’s act at the time.  I am not saying Lorne didn’t like or respect him, but maybe as Producer he realized Carlin wasn’t the right fit with his new show; a show that was still learning to walk. I don’t know, it’s pure speculation on my part. (Interesting side note: when Carlin appeared the second time, Dick Ebersol, not Lorne Michaels was the Producer.)

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Nice, but I still couldn’t finish Paradise Lost.

Money Shot:

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

C.S. LEWIS: Finally, a utopia ruled by children and populated by talking animals.

THE WITCH: Hi, I’m a sexually mature woman of power and confidence.

C.S. LEWIS: Ah! Kill it, lion Jesus!


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Not so much a review as a life altering read.

(There’s even a video!)

I still believe the original “Motivational Speaker” sketch written by The Bob (Odenkirk) and available on the Second City CD is one of the funniest sketches ever.

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“Finally a book you won’t want to burn.” – Stephen Colbert

The site is chock-full of fun Colbert Army building knick-knacks including a world map of users, a petition to add IIA(ASCY!) to Oprah’s Book Club, a place to upload photos of you with the book, a place to upload videos of you reading passages from the book; how long before we get celebrities reading Stephen’s book? I am guessing by next week. It’s a great and smart. Because you know he’s going to milk this for as much as he can on the Report.

Good for him!

I said, go here:

Thanks CC Insider.

colbert_354x137.jpg has a free preview of the audio version of Stephen Colbert’s new book I AM AMERICA (AND SO CAN YOU!).

Money Shot:

Talking about liberal Hollywood: “Just because 20 million people saw your movie doesn’t mean 20 million people care what you have to say.”

If it wasn’t satire, it’d be damn persuasive.  The book hits Tuesday, October 9th.