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Live-Blogging the Democratic National Convention While Baking Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies

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8:05 Tonight is all about Hillary Clinton and making sure my eggs are room temperature before I try to whip them!


Don’s Interactive Map of Philadelphia

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As I get older and we grow closer, I feel it is important to pass on my history and knowledge of Philadelphia to you, my blog reading children (or “blogren”). I first considered an exhaustive 10-volume series meticulously researched, expertly illustrated and cleverly written by me over the next 30 years. What better token of affection and respect can one man give to his audience, nay, the world?

But then I thought: “Hey, Google Maps!”

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Via Macenstein and pinkfloyd 99

And since we’re on comic strips, here is supposedly the WORST comic strip ever. (NOTE: How did a bunny become Uncle to a monkey?)

The Mysteries of South Philadelphia

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Mystery #2: The House Where It is Always a Holiday.
In the middle of the 300 block of Federal Street sits an ordinary house that does not follow the temporal rules of our universe. It is here that holidays are celebrated non-stop. This is evidenced by the complex decorations that consistently adorn the house’s façade; Valentine’s Day gives immediate way to St. Patrick’s Day, which immediately turns to Easter which immediately gives way to First Holy Communion Day which turns immediately to Venezuelan Earth Day. Every day is a celebration making this the happiest and ribbonest house in South Philadelphia.

Patton gave a commencement address at his old High School.

Of course it was awesome and thoughtful and self-depricating and dammit, pretty inspirational.

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Because now I understand how the miraculous, horrifying and memorable lurk everywhere.    But they’re hidden to the kind of person I was when I graduated high school.   And now – and it’s because of my traveling and living and some pretty profound mistakes along the way – they’re all laid open to me.   They’re mine for the feasting.    In the Sistine Chapel and in a Taco Bell.   In Bach’s Goldberg Variations and in the half-heard brain dead chatter of a woman on her cell phone behind me on an airplane. In Baghdad, Berlin and Sterling, Virginia.

PS I had the same skinny leather tie…from Chess King.

Via CCInsider.

Photo by Zach Klein