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Here’s the video Todd mentions in his excellent podcast, Comedy and Everything Else.

This is way better than Todd explains it on the show.


As a Father, I find this very funny.

Who is Scott Simpson? He’s Scott Simpson. (Via)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Live-Blogging the Democratic National Convention While Baking Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies

Money shot:

8:05 Tonight is all about Hillary Clinton and making sure my eggs are room temperature before I try to whip them!

Seriously, they are stoked!

Money shot:

“I’m excited,” he said, noting the reaction of people in public when they find out who he is. “I think it’s going to be a good marriage — us and Sioux City. This is my seventh Olive Garden, and this is the one I’m most excited about.”

One reason for his excitement is the ample parking available, more than at any other Olive Garden where he has worked, he said. It includes shared parking with adjacent businesses. The restaurant is just east of Gunderson’s Jewelers.

Holy fuck! Gunderson’s Jewelers?! Gunderson’s Jewelers?!

If they copy and pasted this onto the Front Page of The Onion it would fit beautifully.


Photo by Flickr user Naystin