Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 Top 5

I have recently become a big fan of Top 5 Lists, call it the Rob Gordon” in me.  When I read these lists, i.e Merlin Mann’s 5ives and Filmspostting’s Top 5 movie lists, I always want to play along.

And now I can. Starting this Friday, I am going to have my own weekly Top 5 List. Since this is a comedy blog, it will be 99% comedy related (I left myself about 1% of topic wiggle room.) I thought about doing a “Top 6 List” or a “Top 4 List” just to be wacky, but then I remembered I am not a douchebag.

See you Friday when I will have my Top 5 List of Something-or-others (I haven’t set a topic yet).

Image credit: Darwin Bell


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