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“Put a vagina in the lead!” Awesome!

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Things I Learned From My Infant Daughter

Money shot:

Our kitty is a “bad kitty.”

Happiness can be found in an empty box.

The bipolar junction transistor (or “BJT”) was the first type of transistor to be mass-produced.

That\'s where the baby batter comes from

She’s preggers.

Great! Now I have to have a talent crush on a baby!

FYI – I went to great lengths not to include any Baby Mama jokes.

Tip Tip: The Aaaaaaapiary.

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It’s a very Mr. Show Monday!

VF Online talked to Bob Odenkirk and David Cross about their new HBO Pilot, David’s Situation. This is one of the best interviews of The Bob and David that I have read in a long time. It’s honest, forthright and of course, funny. Kudos to interviewer Eric Spitznagel.

Money shot:

Do you secretly wish for mainstream success, or do you like the credibility of being cult-comedy icons?

DC: Well, I lost a lot of my credibility when I did Scary Movie—which is fine. That’s part of the territory if you want to be a working actor. When I was in my early 20s, being respected by a small audience was really gratifying. But as I get older, and I am getting significantly older, it means less and less and less to me. I remember what I was like at 23. I was an idealist and purist. I almost considered not going to Hollywood to work on The Ben Stiller Show, because I was doing my own comedy theater group in Boston, and it was so pure and perfect, and “fuck TV,” you know? But I was just immature and naïve and stubborn and fucking stupid.

BO: We didn’t make Mr. Show to please a tiny cult fan base. We did it because it was the show we really wanted to do. We did it by making mistakes and not listening to anybody and taking some big chances. Mr. Show never would have happened if we hadn’t followed our instincts and attempted every crazy, bad idea that occurred to us, and never worried about what people would think. I like having this loyal cult audience, but sometimes they have this purified version of who you are and what you should be doing with your career, which exists entirely in their imagination. Anything that contradicts that assumption just makes them angry. That says a lot more about them than it does about me. But sometimes they can keep you in check.

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