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The LA Times has the what-what.

Money shot:

“We do like to put things in the show that are, for lack of a better term, TiVo jokes — things that you would have to rewind and pause, things that kind of pay off on more than one viewing. I’ve had a lot people say that things go by so quickly, that there are certain jokes that they don’t hear until the second or third time they watch. So we do try to put things like that in there, like in “Mad Magazine,” when they would draw in the margins.”

“30 Rock” returns on April 10th!

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How much you want to bet The Bob liked it?

Money shot:

He was unlike anyone else I have met. I can’t really put it into words, but in a big way Howard has done so with this book. Because he just told the story. This great, crazy story. I wonder if you will agree after you read it. Read it. Buy it first, then read it. It’s as close as you’ll come to meeting Del.

I can personally recommend anther recent Del Close biography told from the point-of-view of his student cum babysitter cum friend,  Jeff Griggs, called “Guru.”

And just for shits and giggles, here’s Jesse Thorn’s interview with Griggs about the book and Ian Roberts talking about UCB’s annual Del Close Marathon: Listen.



But Punchline Magazine’s got stand-up’s back!



Then Alex Blagg wrestles UFC Champ “Rampage”!



It’s gettin’ crazy up in here!!!!!

I gotta go.

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And has been doing so (quietly) since 2004.

The man is a class act all the way.