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Get it?

TV Squad has this fun piece on spinoffs they’d like to see. I can see any of these being a mid-season replacement. ANY OF THEM!

What’s that tell ya?


I am a new father. My daughter is just under 14 months old. Being a Dad is an amazing and rewarding and bizarre experience, especially since I have not accepted the fact that I myself am 36 (I still believe I am 17 but much, much cooler than I actually was at 17).

Good book

So when I saw this book called Alternadad by Mr. Pollack, it spoke to me. I picked it up, read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I know that Neal worked here in Philly for a while (which he chronicles in the book), although I am not sure which paper he worked for (it might have been the City Paper), but that was about all I knew of the man. He seemed down-to-earth enough to me.


Anywho, I keep seeing  these little articles and comments on the web and in print that paint him in a negative light and I am not sure why. Usually stories of dickiness and douchiocity rise to the top like antagonistic cream, but such tales about Mssr. Pollack I have not heard. Here’s the most recent from Gawker which takes a benign story about Neal’s son Elijah tasting cheese and turns it into a screed on how much of an asshole this kid will grow up to be.

I don’t get it.

If someone has any info on why they be hatin’ on Pollack, please let me know!

Zach on Human Giant’s 24 Hour MTV Special.

The British David Cross is bad boy:

A husband and wife who admitted a benefits swindle involving more than £2,300 will be sentenced by magistrates next month.

David Cross, 45, and Michelle Cross, 40, pleaded guilty at Didcot Magistrates’ Court to failing to declare a change in circumstance and making a false statement when applying for benefits.

What’s this all about, Don? 

If I may get political for a moment:

Bill Clinton rips the GOP a new one!

He’s so good in this video, I’d blow him.