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The Power of MySpace

So I posted the video to our last show on our MySpace page, cause that’s what you do when you have a MySpace page. Anywho, this morning I get an email from my buddy Sean saying that the video is on the MySpace Homepage as a “Cool New Video.” So I head on over to MySpace (do I really have to keep typing MySpace – let’s just say MYS) and sure as shit, there is my friend Dave about using a cardboard tube as a megaphone.


The TUBERATOR 2000 phenomenon has begun!!!

Over the day I have picked up 150 new Friends, 890 Video Comments and over 120,000 views!!!! That’s pretty awesome. Especially since when I woke up, I had about 57 Friends who were really friends (i.e. people I see on a somewhat regular basis). MYS has over 100 million subscribers so 120,000 views is only about 1% (I think). A mere drop in the bucket but still more views than some members will ever see. Not bragging, just saying…

My guess is that once the videos change (tomorrow morning I assume), then the TUBERATOR 2000 phenomenon will end as quickly as it started. But, and I hate to say it, I am hooked on MySpace. I need that fix, that validation, that 13 year old boy telling me I’m gay and my video is “retared.” God help me I think I’m a junkie.

Here’s what all the hub-bub is about:

Tuberator 2000

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And it’s name is DIE ACTOR DIE!

You all be cool. Right on!